Welcome to Cives Mundi

Language Courses

Knowing multiple languages and the ability to work in a multicultural environment are critical to be successful in an increasingly competitive society.


Interpreters step in whenever users of different languages need to communicate with each other. We also provide  telephone interpreting services for international business negotiations.

Translation, editing and proof-reading

We offer high-quality translations in a variety of industries. We team up with professional translators and proofreaders to provide accurate translations in the fields of law, finance, technology, marketing, medicine and pharmaceuticals, fashion and luxury.


We offer consulting services to meet the diverse needs of our customers – from accounting to the management of human resource, through to telephone interpreting and child care. Our team of highly-qualified professionals will deliver top-quality service while protecting your right to confidentiality.

Our network


The Xperta team presents a group of highly qualified consultants to meet our customers’ needs.

Kids’ Klub


The Kids’ Klub in Lugano offers  creative language, music and art lessons as well as after-school tutoring for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14, giving them the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and express themselves by taking part in a variety of activities.


Logo supertata

Discover a blog with useful tips by a real Super Nanny and a portal designed for those seeking advice on how to deal with challenging parenting situations.

School Of Arts

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The School Of Arts offers courses of classic and contemporary music and visual art for amateurs as well as advanced and masterclass courses for professionals under the guidance of highly-qualified world-renowned teachers.

About Cives Mundi

Cives Mundi Sagl offers language courses, efficient translation and interpreting services, tax advice and life&career coaching.

Having successfully worked with hundreds of local clients, we now aim to achieve higher goals by supporting all those who need to become or want to feel… citizens of the world.

Cives Mundi invites you to discover the pleasure of being citizens of the world by providing professional tutors and consultants who can guide you through the learning process with passion and enthusiasm, or support you with translations, interpreting, accounting and human resource management..

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